Cake Works is pleased to offer a selection of ready-to-go cakes in 6″ and 8″ sizes from our showcase. We’re happy to pipe a simple message onto the surface of the cake free of charge. Please feel free to review the listing of flavors below, although due to availability we encourage you to call ahead to inquire if you are interested in a specific flavor.

Passion Fruit Chiffon with Mandarin Orange Wedges
Vanilla chiffon cake layered with fresh mandaron oranges and light passionfruit cream.

6″- $18.95     8″- $30.00

Pistachio Cream Chiffon
Pistachio Chiffon cake filled with Pistachio cream and candied pistachio nuts.

6″- $18.95     8″- $30.00

Strawberries and Cream Chiffon
Vanilla Chiffon cake filled with layers of Chantilly cream, Fresh Strawberries and housemade whipped cream 

6″- $18.95     8″- $30.00

Strawberry Guava Butter
Butter cake flavored with guava puree and layered with strawberry buttercream.

6″- $18.95     8″- $30.00

Devil’s Food
Our old-fashioned chocolate cake layered with French Buttercream and a rich fudge frosting.

6″- $18.95     8″- $30.00

Caramel Decadence

6″- $18.95     8″- $30.00

Raspberry Decadence
Dense semi-sweet chocolate cake filled with a pairing of chocolate ganache and raspberry jam. 

6″- $18.95     8″- $30.00

Red Velvet
A traditional cake made with buttermilk and a hint of cocoa powder, layered with white chocolate cream cheese frosting. 

6″- $19.25  8″- $32.00

Layers of house made mascarpone mousse, coffee and amaretto-soaked lady fingers.

6″- $19.75

Cheesecake du Jour
 A traditional rich cheesecake baked on a housemade graham cracker crust, the flavor changes monthly.

7″- $23.50

Chocolate Extravagance
A flourless chocolate cake with a hint of orange.  This cake is not for the timid.  Very rich and extravagant—for the true chocolate connoisseur.

7″- $23.50 9″- $38.00