It’s been a whirlwind of change at Cake Works and we’re so excited, we couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Starting off, a couple new faces in the bakery: Cheyenne and Darlene.

Cheyenne and Darlene are our new Culinary Institute of America externs from New York. They are learning the ins/outs of our business, from making macrons, the hand-icing cookies, to helping Leilani with cake quotes.

We also have a new admin, Leilani (who is so busy, we couldn’t snap a photo of her), who is making your life easier by implementing a new app called Honeybook. The app automates some of the payment and administrative work in the cake ordering process, allowing us to get you that cake quote faster. Want to find out how it’s improved our efficiency? Submit a quote

Seen our new logo? We did not decide to re-brand lightly.

cake works hawaii


Our sassy pin up girl was full of personality and accurately represented us 7 years ago when we were new on the scene, and needed to differentiate ourselves from our competition.

Now that we’re a little more established, we felt compelled to move with the times, and create a new look that would take the bakery to the next level, in both product and customer service. Because so many customers loved our original pin up girl, we went to Wailani Artates of Maui-based Artisty 8 for the new logo. Wailani was able to create a design that takes us to the next level, while still honoring our past. What do you think?.

Shelley Simpson Small & Mighty Marketing

New Social Media Consultant: Shelley Simpson of Small & Mighty Marketing

If you follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you’ve likely seen the handy work of our new social media consultant, Shelley Simpson of Small & Mighty Marketing.

She’s helping us write blog posts, create content, manage our profiles and make sure that when you send us a message for a cake quote, that you get an answer within just a few hours. Stay tuned for more social-media-only promos and specials only available to our followers.

Looked up lately? Then maybe you’ve seen us wandering around on the roof – searching for solar panels!

We like the idea of being part of the electricity solution, so we’re currently in the research phase of figuring out if the bakery is eligible. Our goal is to be fully solar-powered by sometime next year. More on the renovation side, we’ll be painting, repairing and updating the bakery in the next year. Things on the list include, new paint, new awning, and a new sign. We want to make the bakery more inviting, more efficient and bring the business to the next level.

Want to be part of it? Drop us a line about what you love about the bakery (and what you think could use some improvement). We’d love to hear from you.