It’s February! And Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.


Whether or not you celebrate this day of love, there is no denying that without love and hearts (physical, metaphorical, or cookie) life would be grey and dreary. Love, hearts, passion, and joy are the ingredients that create a beautiful life. What stirs your heart? What makes you passionate? What brings you joy? We know that our delicious goodies sweeten your life, but that there are many wondrous things that make your life whole–from doing work that you love, helping or serving others, being out in nature, cooking or baking, spending time with your loved ones, to something as simple as a restful, good night’s sleep. It is good practice to reflect on these wonderful things in our lives, on Valentine’s Day, and every day.

In this spirit, we feature Chef Abi in the midst of one of her many labors of love–art. Not the kind of culinary art of gourmet pastries and baked goodness that you are accustomed to, rather, culinary sculpture. In celebration of February 14th, Chef Abi adorned Cakework’s dressform with fondant and french macarons.


Chef Abi uses a pasta machine to roll out strips of fondant


With each strip of fondant, she creates layers of ruching on the newspaper-covered dressform–simply wetting the fondant causes it to stick like adhesive


Later, Chef Abi adorns the bust of the dressform with mini pink french macaron shells



And sprays the fondant ruffle skirt with a bit of pink and iridescence

Voila! A lovely French Macaron dressform graces our window.