Cakeworks received a wonderful review in “Cake walk” by Martha Cheng in the Honolulu Weekly on July 1, 2009. This is what she says about Cakeworks:

“Speaking of childhoods, when I was growing up, my otherwise sensible parents never thought anything wrong of eating cake for breakfast. And so in those days of innocence, leftover birthday cake was enjoyed with no guilt of calories, fat and arbitrary social stigmas. Since then, I’ve been appropriately accultured, but this morning, on a deadline for this piece, I’m digging into a Cake Works devil’s food cake, and I’m transported back to that time, where the only thing I can focus on is the decadent, fudgy frosting and rich chocolate layers (you didn’t think I could end this without a chocolate cake, did you?). How can a day that starts off with this be bad?

Many brides seem to think similarly: a marriage that begins with a cake like this might work out. Cake Works is a popular choice for weddings, with beautiful and whimsical (i.e. topsy turvy layers that only look like they’re going to fall off–we hope) cake designs. I’m pretty sure they could recreate anything you could find in those bridal magazines thicker than War and Peace. Oh, and they make face cakes. ‘Nuff said.”