Our sign read, One Per Person, but the 1200 participants at the Joy of Sake ignored it as they devoured tray after tray of our exclusive dessert, a Green Tea Pavlova.


Chef Abi holds court at the CakeWorks Joy of Sake Booth

Normally created with lilikoi, a Pavlova is an Australian dessert with a crunchy meringue outside, a soft inside, topped with whipped cream and featuring fresh fruit.


We added a little twist to ours with a Yuzu curd  (an East Asian citrus fruit), lychee, strawberries, mango sauce and a green tea whipped cream.


“This is the best dish here,” exclaimed one customer as she ran off with another dessert.


Reusable ceramic cups, Joy of Sake Honolulu 2016

Photo credit: Joy of Sake


The Joy of Sake is an annual celebration of Hawaii’s love affair with sake.


Serving more sake in restaurants per capita than any other city, Honolulu’s event featured the U.S. National Sake Appraisal, dishes by local chefs and lots and lots of sake.

This year featured compostable plates and utensils and reusable handmade, ceramic cups that you wore around your neck.


Cakeworks Joy of Sake 2016

The CakeWorks team had such a great time this year, we hope the organizers invite us back next year.

We’ll try not to induce such rebellion next time.