We’re entering the season of weddings! Whether you’re planning a celebration commemorating the union of you and your loved one, a milestone birthday, or another merry occasion, here are some tips for planning for that fabulous centerpiece of all the festivity–the cake, and remember, if you can dream it, Chef Abi and her fabulous Cakeworks Cake Designers can make it!

If you are ordering a relatively simple cake, please call our shop to order at least 4 days in advance.
-Know how many people you’ll be serving cake to
-Know what cake flavor you’d like
-If you’re creating a custom flavor, know what cake flavor and what filling and frosting flavor you’d like



If you are ordering a cake for a formal occasion–a wedding, anniversary, birthday–and you’d like something more sophisticated in terms of design, please be sure to call our shop to order at least 2 weeks in advance. The more intricate your design is, the earlier you should place your order. We usually advise 4-6 weeks. These are the things to prepare for before you come in for a consultation:
-How many people you’ll be serving cake to
-How many tiers, what shape (round or square, etc.)
-Do you want a 2D or 3D cake? Have a picture or drawing ready
-What kind of decorations would you like on the cake? It’s best to browse our cake galleries, online, or through magazines and have a visual image of what you’d like. Bring those images with you when you come in for your consultation.
-The most important advice is, think about what represents you or the person(s) who the cake will be commemorating.  Perhaps an invitation, wedding dress, or favorite photo or trinket may be an inspiration. What is special to them–colors, flowers, flavors?


There are limitless possibilities of the kind of cake we can create for you! We love to translate imagination into cake reality, and we love to meet your expectations not only in the aesthetics of each cake, but in deliciousness as well. We have three amazingly talented cake designers on staff who will do their best to manifest your vision. Because we are Cakeworks. And we make your cake dreams come true!