As a bonus THANK YOU for Hawaii Public Radio fund-drive donors, Cakeworks supported the community by offering a Tart Making Workshop.

Nine lucky donors learned how to make three different tarts, using three different dough types. The tarts included:

  1. Strawberry with pate sucree (a sweet, short crust pastry);
  2. Raspberry Croustade (a free-form jam tart with a flaky pastry);
  3. French Apple with (store-bought) puff pastry.

While most participants were new to tart making, the workshop presented a variety of types, utilizing different skill levels and different time constraints.

More photos herecake works teaches a tart workshop to hpr donors

We loved hosting and we’re so grateful to be a part of the HPR Community.

Want to have your own workshop for your office or family? Contact us. We welcome all levels of experience and we specialize in elegantly simple offerings.